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Don’t get caught in the speed trap

It is a matter for you whether ex-Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne evokes your sympathy for getting his now ex-wife to claim his speeding points or not.

The majority of people would admit to speeding, and most motorists in the UK will receive a speeding ticket (Notice of Intended Prosecution) at some point in their lives.

The sentences for speeding offences range from attending a speed awareness course, to an endorsement on your licence with a fine, to a disqualification from driving. Any disqualification can have a profound impact on you, your family and your employment so it is important to get specialist advice, such as Venters can offer.  If a driver accumulates 12 points or more within a 3 year period, s/he is likely to be disqualified.

Chris Huhne may well have lost his licence in any event, and this may have affected his chances of election in Eastleigh as has been suggested.  It would not have resulted in a custodial sentence.  Now a custodial sentence becomes a likely outcome for him, as he has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

As with other motoring offences, it may be better to own up and provide information as soon as possible.  For something that affects every aspect of your life it is important to gain professional advice at an early stage, and avoid making a bad situation worse.

Speeding is just one of the offences that fall under the motoring label and Venters Solicitors has a dedicated team of motoring experts.  We can advise you on the best way to deal with a NIP and the impact of accumulating licence endorsements.

Venters Solicitors rates are very competitive. We will agree our charges with you and keep you informed about costs.

Venters Solicitors is led by June Venters QC and the private criminal defence team also specialises in all aspects of general criminal matters, specialist regulatory work and serious fraud.

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