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Is the President of the Family Division right about change being necessary to bring cohabitation laws in line with divorce laws?

Is the President of the Family Division right about change being necessary to bring cohabitation laws in line with divorce laws?

I for one believe he is.

How can it be right for couples to live and be treated by society as though they were married or civil partners with or without children until they come to separate? At that point and in the eyes of the law they are seen as nothing more than business partners. No or limited financial protection is provided for the weaker of the two and the courts have virtually no discretion.

Changes in society have to embrace the whole story not just the beginning and middle with a different ending that bears no resemblance to the story as a whole.

Great strides have been made with same sex laws. Hasn’t the time come to make similar strides for cohabitants?
June Venters QC


Venters Civil Mediation

The government’s extensive changes to the legal costs regime are designed to make litigation less profitable for the claimant and even more risky for those seeking to defend.

“We see these reforms as the government trying to drive litigants away from lengthy and costly litigation – whilst pushing them into the arms of mediators”, says June Venters QC, Managing Partner of Venters Solicitors.

If that is the aim, then Venters Solicitors are ready.  In June 2013 this niche firm of dedicated legal specialists launched Venters Civil Mediation (“VCM”), a select group of highly experienced barrister and solicitor mediators, who will provide a comprehensive mediation service both locally and further afield.  VCM will build upon the well-established reputation of Venters Family Mediation which has successfully assisted many clients effectively to resolve their family disputes without the need to go to court.

VCM mediators have considerable experience as dispute resolution practitioners in a wide range of civil and commercial dispute areas. Most of them have also been trained in the psychological approach to conflict, and so are skilled at handling highly emotional issues.

Mediation has now become a vital and central part of the civil justice system, and many people with stressful and time-consuming disputes are increasingly turning to mediators to help them resolve their conflicts in an inexpensive, swift and effective way.

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