Tell us about yourselfphoto

I joined Venters in November 2008 as an Office Administration Assistant. I was promoted promptly to a Paralegal with this firm, before most recently becoming a Trainee Solicitor in 2013. I have assisted June Venters QC throughout the majority of my time with Venters.

Prior to my employment with Venters, I had been working for a Conveyancing firm of Solicitors in Guildford as a Legal Secretary.

As well as undertaking full time employment I commenced the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) course and completed Levels 3 and 6 of the same at Guildford College. After six years of studying CILEX and working full time, I then undertook the Legal Practice Course at the Guildford University of Law in the hope that I could qualify as a Solicitor.

What drew you to the law?

I haven’t always aspired to be a lawyer, however I have always had a strong passion for justice. I have witnessed many individuals struggling to achieve justice and the consequences that this had on them and their families. It is my experience of this which drew me to the law, as I wanted to be in a position to assist individuals who were desperate for justice to be achieved.

What do you offer clients?

I hope that I offer clients the reassurance and peace of mind that I will deal with their case in an efficient and professional manner, in order to achieve a resolution of the issue for them and their families.

What do you do when you are not working?

Up until last year, most of my spare time would be taken up by studying or taking law examinations. Now that this is no longer required, I enjoy attending exercise classes with British Military Fitness and have taken up running as a hobby. I have entered my first half marathon for which I am fundraising for a charity.

Sum up in five words

Dedicated, approachable, enthusiastic, diligent and reliable.


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