“All Change” a phrase which resounds in the corridors of any law firm, especially those with a family department. Enforced government changes are occurring fast and furious.

Venters appreciates that on any breakup of a relationship there are concerns as to what the future will hold, especially on a financial level, and what will happen to your children.  One particular concern is the question of child support. Venters specialist family lawyers are here to take away the worry of understanding the complex rules surrounding these issues and guide your family to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.

The Court’s powers in respect of child support remain limited following the introduction of the CSA in 1993. The CSA was devised to reduce the burden on the benefits system and hence the tax payer. Government changes made in December 2012 seek to prevent separating couples from being sucked into the system and encourages self-help.

Trying to sort out what is fair and reasonable is never easy. Clearly the “Parent with Care” of the children will usually have a completely different take on the relevant needs and requirements from those perceived by the “Non Resident Parent” (NRP).

The complicated 1993 scheme remains in force for existing claimants and. the basic rate of child support is calculated on the net income of the NRP and the number of children within the family.

The December 2012 scheme affects new claimants. . Those outside the eligibility cannot be “sucked into” the CSA and will need to resolve these matters themselves.

Venters Solicitors are here to help and guide you.  Contact us on 01737 229610


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